Friday, February 26, 2010

One Night In Supermarket 2009

Plot : Li Jun Wei (Qiao Ren Liang) works in a 24 hour supermarket and has a crush on his female colleague, Tang Xiao Lian (Li Xiao Lu). One night they both work together on same shift, and a funny yet unfortunate incident happens. One customer He Shan Sui (Xu Zheng) bought a lottery from the supermarket previously and won $9,500 yuan in cash prizes.

However, the shop owner Wang Su Fen (Yang Qing) typed an error number in the ticket which makes the winning ticket to be invalid to claim prizes. He brings one stupid boy with him and is determined to claim back the prizes that he is entitled. At first he wants to claim the money from the shop owner but she is not there.

Both Li and Tang cannot solve his problem; therefore He makes a strange decision by collecting the money from the goods sold inside the supermarket to claim the total of the winning prizes. Later a group of customers with weird behavior arrives and He who is not familiar with the supermarket’s business operations asks Li to assist him.

The bad-tempered He begins to calm down when the total amount is about to reach $9,500. Suddenly a robber (Zhang Jia Yi) arrives to get his diamond. Just one week ago, he had robbed a diamond and hides it inside the supermarket’s fridge. Then there are more extended dramas till the early morning. Will He be able to get his $9,500 and the robber getting his diamond?

User Rating : 6.7/10


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