Monday, April 5, 2010

Love At Seventh Sight 2009

Plot : Taiwan heartthrob Mike He (Devil Beside You) makes his big-screen debut opposite Mainland's Golden Horse Best Actress Li Xiaolu (About Love) in Hong Kong actor-writer-director Alfred Cheung's latest film Love at Seventh Sight. Inspired by Cheung's 80s rom-com classic Let's Make Laugh, Love at Seventh Sight breaks the confines of a house to tell a 7-day romance on the road!

A Hong Kong audio technician named Ziqi (Mike He) dreams of the most romantic sound on earth. He meets a girl named Baiye (Li Xiaolu) who is traveling around the world, and together they embark on a long trek in China inside her trailer. He falls helplessly in love with her, but the relationship is abruptly ended when she reveals to him that she is terminally ill, and then leaves him quietly. The downhearted Ziqi returns to Hong Kong, only to bump into a girl that looks exactly like his lost love...

The initial conceit of LOVE AT SEVENTH SIGHT is so painfully formulaic that it almost doesn't need summarizing. Taiwanese actor Mike Hu plays Hong Kong lad Ziqi, a film sound engineer, who travels to Beijing to record some genuine sounds of silence. Almost immediately he is offered a lift by the beautiful, yet elusive Bei Ye (Li Xiao Lu) in her smartly renovated camper van. She is headed in the same direction on some impulsive journey of escape and, well, he needs a ride. True to form, there is a simmering attraction, yet something is not quite right and before you can say "terminal illness", we learn that tragedy is only a few precious moments away.

Owh..sinopsis yg mcm best. korang download dulu, nnti aku download plak..=)

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